Where you buy your clothes from matters

It’s not the first thing we think of when we’re shopping. We want to know what brand a piece of clothing is, but the questions ‘where do they source their materials’ or ‘do they pay their workers a living wage’ may never even cross our mind. But why shouldn’t we ask these questions?


“As a consumer, it’s your responsibility to become more informed, see where their products are made,
ask questions. Consumers need to be better informed, but businesses need to be more transparent.”



A couple of months ago I caught up with Crystal from Jagger Sleepwear to have a great cup of coffee and talk about sustainable and ethical fashion. Like me, Crystal has adopted the minimalist lifestyle: she’s got her wardrobe down to the basics in white, black, grey and denim with the occasional splash of colour. And, also like me, she doesn’t love fast fashion.


Did you know that Australians are throwing out six tonnes of clothing every 10 minutes? That’s a huge amount of clothes! And the reason for it? Fast fashion: low quality garments that are on trend and affordable. For some it’s hard to resist, but I like to look at it this way: if it’s so affordable that I don’t have to deliberate over purchasing it then I won’t get it. It’s simple really, but the temptation of walking away with 5 new pieces versus 1 can really win some people over. The idea of shopping sustainably is to reduce wastage and stop manufacturing processes that are harming the environment. And shopping ethically? Well it’s all about looking after the people at every stage of the supply chain and that’s something that Jagger Sleepwear does really, really well.


“The raw materials are grown organically in India and spun there too, then they are woven and
dyed in Melbourne and manufactured in Sydney.”



When Crystal noticed a gap in the market for ethical and sustainable sleepwear she created her own label.

So, what are you going to do?

The Clean Up
Take the clothes and shoes you never wear to your local charity shop. No excuses. I found a purple top that I had purchased years before and had never worn. And I don’t even remember the last time I wore purple.


Find Quality Ethical and Sustainable Fashion
And the more local the better! By boycotting some of those bigger brand names that exploit their workers, you are showing your support for ethical fashion and giving brands a much needed push to improve their processes, from farm to manufacturing.

Jagger Sleepwear
The best Adelaide has to offer for minimal basics. The label’s best selling tee, ‘Sleep Tee’ (pictured above) is super comfy and super breathable! It’s made from organic cotton bamboo and has the care label printed on the tee instead of having scratchy tags (because is there anything worse when you’re trying to get to sleep?) The sleeve is a continuous piece of material and has more of a cap sleeve, as it’s designed to fit all body shapes. Although sleepwear is in the name, the t-shirts can be worn for anything from yoga, to uni.


Shop From Brands Who Give A Shit
As a fashion blogger I know first hand that shopping ethically and sustainably 100% isn’t easier to say than do. And of course shopping this way isn’t going to happen overnight anyway, so the key is to shop from brands that are at least making an effort to be sustainable and ethical—and there are plenty out there!

Viktoria and Woods
An all time favourite of mine. I have three dresses and two tees from here so trust me when I say they are good. Most of their products are made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.


What’s your favourite ethical/sustainable fashion label?


Jagger Sleepwear
Nasty Gal cardigan



In collaboration with Jagger Sleepwear, thoughts and styling are my own.


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