vamff-street-style-2018-1YSL because, YSL.

vamff-street-style-2018-2Trending: red heels, white boots and double stripes.

vamff-street-style-2018-3Bec Karagiorgos, one half of Twice Blessed, wearing Life With Bird.

vamff-street-style-2018-4Isabelle Quinn & Micah Gianneli rocking Isabelle Quinn.

I did it! I finally attended VAMFF. For years I’ve watched on from little old Adelaide and wished that I had the funds to go. And I have to say it’s about 10x more intense than the Adelaide Fashion Festival.

On Saturday 10th, before the first runway of the night, I got my camera out and captured some of my favourite looks and trends of the season: suiting, double stripes, balloon sleeves and statement heels.

Stay tuned for many more VAMFF blog posts to come in the next week.

Enjoy! x


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