This Heart of Mine was Made to Travel


I am finally back in Australia after my little adventure around the Hawaiian islands! In the spirit of travelling I thought it appropriate to put together a few of my essentials for travelling, and in particular what to bring in your carry on, to help any budding travellers out there!


Plane Comfort:

  • eye mask
  • socks
  • tissues
  • fan (if you’re going to a warmer climate like I am)
  • *a jumper or blanket can also be packed when travelling to a colder climate.

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long boring plane ride! Be kind to yourself and gather all the comfortable clothing you can find! I advise to catch up on some z’s, nothing passes the time better!


  • magazine/book
  • travel journal
  • pen

It’s a must to come prepared with something to do! Bring your favourite magazine, a romantic novel and you’re set! The plane ride home is the perfect time to touch up and finalise your travel journal also.





  • Ipod & Charger
  • Mobile Phone & Charger (I advise to buy a prepaid sim card once you reach your destination to beat hefty roaming charges)
  • Camera & Charger
  • Camera Case
  • Earphones
  • Foreign Adapter

My camera ventures everywhere with me and can even be useful to take photos of the city below once up in the air. A soundtrack makes the plane ride somewhat bearable, therefore I strongly advise an iPod! I am somewhat reliant on my electronic items so remembering chargers is a must!

Purse | Passport | Sunglasses | Typo Sleeping Mask | Napoleon Lipgloss

Purse | Passport | Sunglasses | Typo Sleeping Mask | Napoleon Lipgloss


  • passport
  • sunglasses
  • purse
  • lipgloss

Triple check for your passport, it is definitely the most important thing on your list! The second important is your purse: check for all ID and money.



  • wet wipes
  • hand cream
  • cocoa butter
  • hand sanitizer
  • blemish concealer
  • moisturizing lip gloss
  • perfume/deodorant

Often a long flight can leave you feeling drained and in desperate need of freshening up! Just make sure to check the requirements of liquid carry on before packing!

I hope this helped all you adventurers out there, safe travels and stay posted for some more travelling posts on my trip!


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