The Top 3 Hand Creams You Need this Winter



Winter has well and truly set in, and so starts the drying of our skin. Generally, we’re pretty great at upping our moisturising game with our face during the winter season, but other parts of the body seem to go by the wayside.


Our hands are in constant contact with other objects, and now the winter conditions mean they’re left super dehydrated. Plus, our hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so moisturising should be your #1 priority! To help you all out (and myself, of course) I’ve road tested a few of the best hand creams around:


Aesop’s Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm – $29.00

Aesop is all things luxurious and this hand cream is no exception. I recommend this when you need a bit more moisture than usual.


Mecca Transforming Hand Cream – $40.00

Probably my favourite, although I’m biased because of my love for Mecca, it’s so soft and has that beautiful Mecca fragrance.


Charles and Lee – $16.95

I love smaller brands and, although this is technically a men’s hand moisturiser, I love it. It’s made with all organic products.


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