The Sports Bra You Need Now



Wearing: Lululemon sports bra, The Fifth Label skirt.


We’ve all been there, you’re slaving away on the treadmill, or pumping out those weights and you’re uncomfortable (and not just because you’re allergic to exercise). Sports bras are a super vital piece of activewear, so it’s okay to spend that bit extra. Get one that’s (preferably) black and timeless, then branch out into different colours. Make sure to get one with just the right amount of support for the type of exercise you’ll be doing. Of course, racerback styles are always optimal for movement but feel free to try other choices. I recently purchased this one from Lululemon and it’s perfect for all that I do: basketball, gym and running.


This time of year, I pair mine with black tights, Nikes and a jumper (depending on the time of the day). As for beauty, a bare face is big at the moment (especially bare lashes).


What’s your favourite sports bra?




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