Somethin Somethin


“For the girl who wishes she was born in the ’60s and got to live through the ’70s,
who crushes on the ’80s 
and heart skips for the ’90s!”


Somethin Somethin is a gorgeous little boutique at the foot of the Adelaide hills. Owner and fashion designer, Danielle Symes, first started her store to house her fashion label ‘Penny Anne,’ as well as stocking other labels to compliment her designs. Within the first couple of months of the store’s opening, the business boomed and after only one year at the store, Danielle found that she needed to upgrade the size of her shop. She then moved to her current location at 98 Glen Osmond Road.

“Somethin Somethin’s aim is to not let trends determine you, but rather put your own spin on trends,” says Danielle.

Somethin Somethin is different to other boutiques, aiming to be not just a shop but rather a destination. It is not unusual for someone to walk through the doors to simply admire the love and passion that has been invested into the store. The layout is quirky, playful and vintage, toying with trends anywhere from the ’50s to now. The shop caters for a wide range of customers, offering anything from; flower designs, to punk, to the ’70s, to modern day fashion.

“Somethin Somethin combines bare feet with heels, head wreaths with metals and crochet with leather to create a beautiful combination of past era’s and today,” says Danielle.

The store also incorporates a men’s range ‘Somethin Else’ which is looked after by Danielle and her husband Brad Symes. The boutique sells clothes, shoes, accessories and other little knick knacks within an affordable budget, along with a few high-end gems.

With vibrant colours, gorgeous displays and for the best service venture over to Somethin Somethin at 98 Glen Osmond Road, a perfect outing to find your little somethin somethin!


Address: 98 Glen Osmond Road Parkside Adelaide, South Australia 5063 (*STORE NO LONGER EXISTS)

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/somethinx2
instagram: http://instagram.com/lovesomethin
twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/lovesomethin
blog: http://lovesomethin.blogspot.com.au/
lookbook.nu: http://lookbook.nu/daniellesymes



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