Spring Juice Range


GREENS 6  ||  $9.00

pineapple, cucumber, lettuce, celery, kale, parsley.


REFRESH 1  ||  $9.00

cucumber, lime.



alkaline water, lemon, activated coconut, charcoal, cayenne pepper



alkaline water, liquorice root, chia seeds, marshmallow root, cinnamon, slippery elm.


A Little Dainty is excited to announce that it’s officially a Pressed Juices Influencer! This means I will taste test lots of delicious, healthy juices and recommend the ones I like the best for you lovely people! Keep checking the blog and Instagram (@alittledainty) for any exclusive Pressed Juices news (including the newest juices available of course!).

My absolute favourite from the Spring range is The Black Lemonade, although I must make mention that I like all things sour – so if you don’t like sour DON’T try it (my mother made this mistake!) The Black Lemonade is a great morning detoxifier, with charcoal being highly absorbent it successfully removes all those nasty toxins from the body. The lemon is alkalising and, together with the cayenne pepper, gives your metabolism a much needed boost!

Pick up any of these from your local Pressed Juice store today! Check www.pressedjuices.com.au for your local store.





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