Pressed Juices // Autumn Range

It’s my favourite time of the season – taste testing Pressed Juices! I’m a little bit of a sweet tooth, so as you can imagine, i’ve never been more excited to try a pressed juices range.

Banana Salted Caramel
pecan & walnut mylk, banana, dates, mesquite, chia seeds, himalayan salt, vanilla bean

Doesn’t this sound delicious? Think banana caramel tart, but in a liquid form (and actually good for you!) It’s a milky banana drink, with a hint of salt; however, not overwhelming on the senses. I’m left daydreaming about desserts.

Red Velvet
almond mylk, raspberry, coconut, coconut nectar, raw cacao, vanilla bean

There are so many different flavours packed into this little bottle. The most noticeable are the raw cacao and raspberries, they hit you in a wave of sweetie-goodness. Being a smoothie, it’s a bit of a heavier drink than your average juice, so just keep that in mind when purchasing whether it’s something you’re in the mood for.

Antiox 2
orange, pomegranate, raspberry, turmeric

Ah I love this juice! It tastes just like the orange lollies in the mixed packets only with a tangy twist. Orange and raspberry is such an awesome combination, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner? A sweet drink, very light and perfect after a workout!

Earth 4
beetroot, apple, cucumber, celery, blueberries, mint

Unfortunately, I am not at all a fan of beetroot, so I was never going to like this. Nevertheless, it’s a very sweet drink and I imagine it would be quite yummy if you like beetroot (sorry!)

Go and get your new flavour hit now!



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