Perfect Boys only exist in Books

Recently, a dear friend of mine lent me this little book, claiming that it absolutely screamed my name. As I pondered over the blurb I was taken aback by the words “ancient erotica”, but other than this it seemed like a delightful read. After the first few pages I was intrigued and the book soon became my source of entertainment for my daily bus and train commutes. It did not take me long until I was completely and utterly engrossed in every word (I have nearly missed my train stop on more than one occasion). The main character of the book is a woman of the name Lily, whom owns and runs an antique bookshop with her boyfriend Robbie. As I read on I developed quite a strong hatred for Robbie, his arrogance astounding. A new character by the name of William Isyanov was introduced, presenting his charming ways and ruggedly handsome looks, it got me wondering. Why is it that perfect boys only appear in books? There’s something about sitting down with a cup of coffee in one hand, a good book in the other, and becoming completely immersed with the story. It’s our escape from the somewhat disastrous lives we lead that allows us to glorify the boys within books. As though we make them out to be a fairy-tale. The fact that a fair portion of this book is based in the beautiful countryside of Italy  does not exactly help the situation for guys. The romantic adventure of The Book of Love yet again leads me to believe that perfect boys really do only exist inside the pages of a book.

If a boy has an English accent, plays the guitar and has an overwhelming appreciation for books then he is most definitely a keeper. Otherwise ladies, pick up a book!