We’ve all got that beauty brand that we turn to when in doubt, right? NARS is mine. When it comes to makeup I like to take the less-is-more approach. It’s safe, it works and more often than not can look just as good as the latter. I use Nars products to finish off my look and although my stash is somewhat small, it does an excellent job!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (in Chantilly) – $40.00

I love this product for when I’m having a not so great face day. This concealer provides very good coverage and lasts for hours. With a velvety touch to it, it applies and blends well. It might be more money than you usually spend on concealer, but you won’t need to refill much, this one goes a long way.

Nars Bronzing Powder (in Laguna) – $56.00

When looking for a bronzer, I opt for one with less of the orange hues. As bronzer isn’t so popular with fairer skin tones, I use just a touch. Apply a tiny amount to the brush, remove the excess and sweep onto the skin. I light to blend with a pressed foundation.

Nars Translucent Powder or Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder – $50.00

I love love love these powders! For my foundation I use a sheer one from By Terry. If you’re a fan of the sheer, dewy look to your make up then ignore this paragraph entirely! This powder will set your foundation with a matte finish, without appearing powdery.

I buy all of my NARS products through Mecca, because well that’s my favourite shop, but you can also get their products online at their website, it’s just a bit difficult for us Australians!