My Travels: Honolulu

Aloha from Hawaii,

I am in the beautiful capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu. This is my first stop on my adventure through the islands of Hawaii. Only a couple of days into my holiday and already I am already learning heaps of the American culture and all its glory. Five things that are definitely worth mentioning:

1. Gorgeous beaches, but Aussie beaches are still better.

The beaches of Hawaii are always romanticised as soft white sandy beaches with incredible surf. However, (a part from the surf, because really, that truly is incredible) the locals over here will agree that we Australians have it better down under! The sand of Australian beaches is much softer and most of the floor of Hawaiian beaches are covered in rocks. But I’m not going to deny the fact that the incredible mountain scenery as well as the palm trees and clear blue waters make it all worth while.

2.      Traffic is bad. I mean really bad.

After my travels to Vietnam I really didn’t think that traffic would ever be as bad, but boy was I wrong. Honolulu has the third worst traffic in all of America. The city is vastly overpopulated and because of this it’s so much easier to walk!

 3.    Prices are similar to Aus unless you spend the majority of your time in Forever 21: then it’s not so bad.

I left Australia under the false pretences that everything over in Hawaii was going to be cheap and I would have an absolute field day shopping. However, disappointingly this is not the case. Hawaii prices are quite similar to those of Australia, but then again I suppose if you’ve made it half way around the world you won’t mind spending a little bit more than expected. I definitely recommend Forever 21; on trend and affordable fashion (which conveinently will also be hitting Australian shores this year).

4.    A coffee lover’s nightmare.

Coffee, it has to be up in the top 10 pleasures of life; there is absolutely no better way to start the day! So for a coffee lover like me, good coffee every single day is an absolute necessity, right?! But coffee let me down, big time. Coffee in America tastes like dirty dishwater. This is no exaggeration. I walked into Starbucks ready for The Best Coffee Of My Life (we don’t have Starbucks in little old Adelaide) and was bitterly disappointed that it failed to live up to even instant coffee from home!

 5.    The food is to die for and the large portions may actually achieve this.

America is renowned for it’s huge portion sizes and it definitely did not disappoint. The first morning we went out for breakfast to a restaurant called I-Hop. I ordered a 2-Stack of pancakes with buttermilk and an Iced Coffee, the pancakes came out and they were easily larger than my head. My brother ordered a savoury breakfast, which included; sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, 2 pancakes and an iced coffee. I offered my half of the table so he could store some of the plates. My favourite place to eat is the Cheesecake Factory. The meals are huge, the burgers so big that I couldn’t fit my hands around it, resorting to my knife and fork. Even though I was completely and utterly full and ready to burst, I couldn’t give up the chance to taste their world famous cheesecake. I devoured a quarter of the red velvet slice of heaven before the waitress assisted me with a take-away container.

Next stop is the gorgeous island of Maui!
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