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Monday Haircare
Monday Haircare
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Last month saw the launch of a new haircare brand, MONDAY.

MONDAY is the brainchild of New Zealand entrepreneur Jaimee Lupton and embodies a new approach to haircare. Inspired to create a brand that gives everybody access to salon quality haircare, Jaimee is challenging the beauty industry’s standard that high quality haircare must be expensive; retailing her 350ml shampoo and conditioners at just $10 each.

Packaged in its signature blush pink bottles, MONDAY is designed in every way to be as sustainable as possible – focusing on minimising the brand’s carbon footprint and reducing landfill. MONDAY’s formulas are cruelty free, SLS free and Parabens free and boast 11 amino acids and a variety of essential plant extracts – of which are probably missing from your current shampoo and conditioner.

I had the opportunity to pick Jaimee’s brain and find out a little bit more about the brand’s ethos and why we should all be converting to MONDAY.

E: First of all, congratulations on the successful launch of MONDAY – the bottles are just stunning, you must be so proud. What made you decide to enter the competitive beauty market and launch a haircare brand?

J: Thank you! I always had long hair; my two sisters and I all did. Growing up we were constantly testing, trying and stealing each other’s beauty products. My sisters mainly stole mine! I liked to think of myself as the beauty expert of the family, begging mum to buy new products to try. I would spend hours online researching the new best thing, reading reviews and where I could get it. I think the need for salon-quality haircare stemmed from my expensive beauty habit. Beauty shouldn’t be expensive – it should work without breaking the bank. 

My girlfriends and I would always say we wanted good products but didn’t want to spend all our money on them. The beauty and skincare industry has been over-saturated for a while, but I felt the hair industry needed a bit of a refresh and that’s where the idea for MONDAY was born.

E: How did you go about formulating your range of shampoo and conditioners and what active ingredients did you decide to include?

J: Our formulations have been through seven stages of research and development in order to exceed the performance of reputable salon brands. The formulation features a unique mix of low irritants and strong surfactants, ensuring a minimal risk of scalp irritation while delivering a quality clean.

You’ll find 2-3x more active ingredients in our formulas than many mass brands in the current market. This includes jojoba oil, ginger root extract, shea butter and coconut fruit extract, amongst many more to ensure quick absorption of the formulation into hair follicles; keeping the hair healthy, soft and shiny.

E: MONDAY’s bottles are made of recycled plastic, with the labels printed directly onto them – was there an intentional focus on the environment when conceptualising MONDAY?

J: We set out with the motive to take sustainable practices seriously – all our bottles are made from 100% recyclable HDPE plastic and our pumps are made from 100% recyclable plastic through the use of PP material (all are food-grade too!) We hope to progressively do more and are always researching new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

E: Where are MONDAY products made?

J: Our product is made in China with best in class ingredients and manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing partner is proud to promote ethical practices and is cruelty free. 

E: MONDAY’s Australasian ambassador is the incredible New Zealand model, Georgia Fowler. What makes Georgia the perfect fit for MONDAY?

J: As a proud Kiwi, Georgia Fowler is not only our hair muse and ambassador but she is also involved in the creative direction of MONDAY as an energised partner. Our interests aligned as she was excited to both use her modelling skills and expand her wider know-how to hands-on business involvement. Her career past has allowed her to work with leading experts in the beauty industry and bring new insights to MONDAY. 

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E: MONDAY has partnered with The Twenties Club on a Monday Muse series – what made you start this?

J: Combining beauty, business and of course, hair, is where MONDAY’s strengths lie. As part of our launch we wanted to celebrate selected trailblazing women who align with MONDAY in combining beauty and business in their own right. We chose to partner with talented Madeleine Walker from The Twenties Club blog in sharing ‘A Day in The Life’ concept to best articulate how these women who inspire us, as we believe they would inspire consumer too. We couldn’t be happier with how this was executed by TTC and look forward to round two in the near future. 

E: What’s next for MONDAY?

J: We have only just launched BUT our ambitions are huge. We have set ourselves incredibly hard targets. The important thing is for us to respond to the products our customers want, which is why our Instagram is designed to be a conversation. We want women (and men!) to tell us what they love or what they need, so we can work to make those happen. We will be launching throughout the United States and the United Kingdom early 2020. We have a wide range of new products dropping towards the back half of the year. We want to be the Glossier of haircare – we want to be affordable but beautiful and most importantly we want people to be able to notice a difference in their hair. A product that works, and works well is first and foremost

My Thoughts on Monday Haircare

I’ve been using Monday’s Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner after spotting the gorgeous pink bottles on the shelves at Coles last month and promptly placing them into my trolley. I of course had heard whispers about the brand on Instagram prior to this and was keen to try this very affordable haircare brand that promised BIG things.

I chose the sensitive range – which is targeted to a dry and itchy scalp – largely because regular shampoo and conditioner can often trigger my eczema. The sensitive range boasts three key ingredients: Ginger Root Extract, which has essential fatty acids to strengthen and boost healthy hair growth, Shea Butter, which hydrates and smooths ends as well as the scalp, and Sunflower Seed Oil, which boasts Vitamin E and reduces bacteria that can contribute to a dry scalp.

Each time I use the duo it’s a luxurious experience, from the beautiful scent down the the silky smooth texture. I experience no skin irritation and, most importantly, the bottles look gorgeous in my bathroom!

Monday is available at Coles Australia-wide at just $10 for 350mls or $20 for 800mls. Let me know if you’ve already tried Monday and what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Happy Monday!

Esther x




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