Like most of my beauty finds these days, I discovered this brand on Instagram – and immediately I was hooked. There’s something about simple, minimal packaging that is just so hard for me to say no to (I can’t be the only one). And after reading raving reviews about their signature bronzer – its ability to add a natural glow with the most effortless application – I was sold.

For those of you who don’t know, Fluff is founded by Erika Geraerts, one of the co-founders of that $20m Aussie beauty brand, Frank Body – you know the one, right? Erika recently appeared on one of my favourite podcasts (Lady-Land), and after listening to her story, I was so inspired, motivated and really just impressed.

A few years ago, Erika left Frank Body to pursue something a little closer to her heart. She realised that she didn’t want to be a part of creating the next big trend and instead she wanted to create a product that was different, something strong and sustainable and here to stay. Her belief that beauty is so much more than makeup – as well as her want for more responsible beauty brands selling higher quality makeup – led her to create Fluff, a casual cosmetics company.

Fluff focuses on the paired back, natural makeup look; ultimately less is more. With two products currently available, the Bronzing Powder and Kabuki Brush, there’s definitely more to come from this Melbourne beauty brand.


The Fluff pressed powder bronzer comes in a luxurious metal packaging that slides open and is surprisingly heavyweight – reminding me of the Glossier You Perfume Solid (which, yes, is still not available in Aus).

The matte formula blends effortlessly into the skin. It’s a subtle colour that is easily buildable, which is perfect for my extremely pale complexion – no more orange cheeks! Made in Italy, Fluff focuses on luxury, creating vegan cosmetics with no toxic chemicals in sight. And frankly, they’re ticking a lot of boxes.

Have you tried Fluff yet?


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