Kirstie Clements: Impressive


Last night Kirstie Clements launched her latest book, Impressive: How to have a Stylish Career. The former editor of Vogue stopped over in Adelaide to talk about her extensive career in the industry; the experiences, good and bad.

The VIP event was hosted by Westfield Marion where guests were treated to KC cupcakes, delicious beverages by Steve the Bartender and prints by the gorgeous Emma Kate from Emma Kate Co. With drink in hand we all stared in awe as Kirstie shared some of her best kept secrets.

Kirstie, like Andy in The Devil Wears Prada (I had to), began at the bottom, taking calls, picking up dry cleaning, getting coffee, offering to type up notes for people, etc. It was her hard work, etiquette and passion for the industry that led her to have such a successful career. Her book is a collection of thoughts and tips on how to land yourself a job in the fashion industry.


“The best and happiest people I worked with over the years, who were my colleagues and friends and who are now global executives, all possess the same core beliefs: being kind, working hard, not taking yourself too seriously or letting your ego get out of control, being honest, having a sense of humour. Being elegant, inside and out.”


Thank you to Westfield Marion and Kirstie Clements for an inspirational and motivating evening and now I’m off to finish this book!



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