How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Minimalist

If you’re anything like me (afraid of colourful wrapping paper with colourful ribbons) then you’re going to find this blog post pretty handy. Christmas is a joyful time, and while many choose to wrap their presents in green and red, I think that black and white can be just as festive (and much more chic!)


  • Keep it simple, less is more; use twine instead of ribbon (let the wrapping paper speak for itself, this Emma Kate Co wrap is beautiful)
  • Support local artists (such as Emma Kate Co) when you’re shopping for Christmas gifts as well as the wrapping paper
  • If you want a cheaper alternative, go to your local newsagent and get a roll of craft paper and finish with a twine bow (you might even want to stick some flowers from your garden into the bow to add a special touch)
  • Wrap on a flat surface (it’s easier if the surface is high off the ground, e.g. a table)


Emma Kate Co ‘The Lovers‘ and ‘Live Wild‘ wrap.
Emma Kate Co ‘Glad You Exist‘ and ‘Hello Handsome‘ gift tags.
Decjuba X Cristina Re ‘Hooray/Celebrate’ gift tags.
Kikki.K ‘Cloth Gift Bag Large: Joy‘.
Kikki.K ‘Wrapping Paper Individual: Joy’.


All in all, have fun with your wrapping. If minimalism isn’t your thing, then go nuts with colour! I hope your loved ones enjoy the wrapping and presents as much as you do! Merry Christmas lovelies! X