How To Pack Light

Jett Black suitcase & make up bags.


Unfortunately packing light is not my forté; the contents of my carry on luggage often overflow into my boyfriend’s and I’m left thinking why on earth didn’t I just pay for checked baggage? But I’m working on it and the last few holidays I haven’t been half bad! Here are some tips I’ve picked up:


Get A Good Suitcase

How can you be expected to pack well when you don’t have a good bag to start with? Get a suitcase with lots of pockets—I mean lots. The whole process of packing is made so much easier when there are designated spots for your stuff. My Jett Black ‘Check Black‘ suitcase has a pocket for shoes, a pocket for underwear and a secret pocket at the bottom. The added bonus of an organised suitcase is that living out of it for a week suddenly doesn’t seem so bad!


Pack One of Each

If you’re only packing carry on, you’re typically headed somewhere for a couple of days (if not, get the checked baggage!) So there’s really only need for one of each—one jumper, one pair of jeans, one pair of trackies, and one jacket (splurge on the underwear and t-shirts please).



Before you begin packing, plan your outfits—that way you only bring what you’re going to wear. Try to limit the pair of shoes you bring too. It’s not outfit repeating if it’s just a few key pieces!



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