Work It Out

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Decjuba Jacket
Lululemon Tee
Lululemon Tights
Nike Shoes



Working out in winter is as tough as it gets. After a long day, do you really want to come home to change into your workout clothes and get on with it? Hell. No. On the other hand, do you really want to give up precious time that could be spent sleeping to get hot and sweaty before work? I mean, that’s not even an option for me. I would just turn my alarm off and re-set it for an hour’s time. But I’ve got to get back into it and these tips have helped me make a start:


Find a Workout Partner

Find someone to workout with that will make you go. Someone who you would feel guilty letting down if you cancelled. And once you have them, don’t cancel. Because that’s a slippery, slippery slope.


Find your favourite exercise

For me, it’s basketball and because my partner also plays, it makes for a fun 30 minutes of cardio. It also makes the other stuff (weights, squats, etc.) a little more bearable. If you’re not into sports, find a class. Yoga anyone?


Get some new activewear

Chances are that if you’re reading this blog you have a slight interest in fashion. To get me a little more motivated to do some squats while it’s 9 degrees outside, I visit Lululemon. Both my tights and tee are from Lululemon and they’re seriously the best, I’ve never owned a more comfortable pair of tights! And don’t even get me started about this jacket, it’s my favourite thing I’ve purchased for at least a year. Although mildly impractical for working out, it’s perfect for nighttime beach walks.


What are your tips for working out in winter?

Tie It Up

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Wearing: Viktoria and Woods cami, Sir The Label tie up skirt, Tony Bianco slides. Flowers from Blossom Box Co.


And my obsession with tie up detailing continues.

This Sir The Label skirt was the last one of its kind from The Con-nection (side note: amazing customer service, 100% recommend). And not only is it gorgeous and a super versatile piece for the warmer months, it’s also comfy.


Nowadays comfort plays a big role in my purchases, I’m not sure if it’s to cater for the food baby or simply because I’m out and about a lot and I like to be comfortable while doing so, anyhow this one’s a winner. The tie detailing was a real pull and I think the stripes make it. Tie up detailing has been trending for quite a while now and it’s definitely dominating my wardrobe at the moment, I’m hoping it’s here to stay for a while longer.


Search for classic pieces with a twist, that way you’re always standing out from the crowd and in doing so you’ll establish your own style.




Photography: Xavier Reynolds-Verco



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