C/meo Collective MBFWA Show


This week I jetted off to Sydney for a day to see Aus Fashion Label’s C/meo Collective show at MBFWA 2018. This was my first year at MBFWA, and boy is it different to Adelaide Fashion Festival, and even VAMFF.

During the day, I headed to The Grounds Of The City for lunch and a much needed caffeine fix. This is literally the cutest old fashioned restaurant in the heart of the city and I would 100% recommend going there when you’re in Sydney next. Then we shopped. We hit Mecca, Topshop, Glue Store, Incu, Zara, H&M & Sephora  sadly I didn’t do that much damage!

The evening was dedicated to MBFWA. I snapped a few people leaving the Hansen & Gretel Show and arriving for the C/meo Collective one, and just about everyone had their designer bag out. We headed in for the show, spotting familiar faces like Twice Blessed, Friend In Fashion and Lana Wilkinson. C/meo showcased a beautiful collection, from check blazers, to updated white shirts to their new denim (which is out now). Above are my favourite looks: timeless, (mostly) grayscale and minimal.

I’ll be posting a MBFWA street style blog post soon – you can keep updated via my Instagram.  x


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