AFF: Fashion Insiders’ Breakfast






The Adelaide Fashion Festival is in full swing and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear from a panel of some of the most established names in the fashion industry at the Fashion Insiders’ Breakfast. Hosted by TEN Eyewitness News presenter Rebecca Morse, the panel included: Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited, social media expert Tania Debono, Adelaide artist Tiff Manuell, Art Gallery of South Australia Decorative Arts Curator Rebecca Evans and keeping the seat warm was Director of Aus Fashion Labels’, Melanie Flintoft, before Head Designer of C/meo Collective, Siham Elmawey, arrived. It was incredible to hear such an accomplished group of individuals agreeing on the way to approach social media and business management. If you missed it, here’s the top 5 things I took away:


Two Hours of Internet Time Every Day

Alyce Tran said this was definitely something she incorporated into her role at TDE. Although in this day and age it can be hard to separate real life from the online realm, dedicating 2 hours to branding on social media and connecting with your audience is definitely the way to go. You have to put in the time: comment, like, engage.


Be Specific
This one’s targeted to the bloggers and both Alyce and Siham were strong on this point. With brands receiving so many enquiries for collaboration from bloggers on a daily basis, it’s important to make your proposal stand out from the rest. So don’t just include the following and be done with it.

  • Introduce yourself
  • State what you will bring to the collaboration and how this will help the brand
  • Specify what piece you want to work with and how you will style it
  • Be polite (there’s an actual person on the recieving end of these emails)


Plan, Plan, Plan

Having a plan isn’t for everyone but if it’s business related, spend a fair amount of time making a plan and setting goals.


Instagram Stories Have Definitely Overtaken Snapchat

I wasn’t sure up until this point but now I’m certain. And who wouldn’t use Instagram Stories over Snapchat for business when it’s all in the same app?


Stay Humble

Rebecca Morse was quick to say how humble each individual on the panel was. So maybe this is their secret.



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